March 01, 2014

BASIC RULES For Weight Loss - Fat Loss Factor

How to drink black tea - To reduce the craving for sweets, buy a black tea flavored with fruit or fruit teas, suitable fruit teas are cherry, orange, lemon, peach, or a mixture of berries. Even black tea you can have flavored with vanilla, cinnamon or other special taste. Keep in mind, however, that you should drink them unsweetened. Regular drinking these teas can help reduce your appetite.

According to Charles Livingston, the author of Fat Loss Factor Review, Black tea can give you example after dinner instead of dessert, so you can sustain energy intake and expenditure at a successful level. On the evening rather put black tea without caffeine, so as not to disrupt your night's slept. If you are sensitive to caffeine, talk about drinking black tea with your doctor.

BASIC RULES for Weight Loss - Meals divide into 5-6 portions per day, because the only this way you can help jump start your metabolism. Try to plan your time spacing between meals 2-3 hours to avoid possible fluctuations in blood sugar levels and thus escaping hunger and appetite for sweets.
Through regular diet the body will better manage the received energy and will not take it in the form of fat stored so "for a rainy day" eats reasonably sized portions. When you eat regularly in small doses, you will never have such a great hunger to be forced to eat large portions of food at a time.

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