March 03, 2014

Mixing Block On An Incline Bench - Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer Review

Performing exercises in a good motor plane loads upper chest, especially in the extended position. A common error is higher, shifted towards the plane of motion of the head; work in this plane of motion provide mostly Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer, deltoids and other muscles of the shoulder girdle, the main part of the top of the chest is not involved in the work, so this option is not efficient execution of movement, despite the significant stretching uppermost beams pectoral muscles.

Mixing block on an incline bench
- exercise, which qualified at the version of the very well may ultimately stretches the chest muscles without causing significant load on the joint. It is most important in the training worked out, although initially this training exercise of Muscle Building is quite capable to solve problems surround training. There is a very effective version of this exercise, as a reduction of the upper pair block on an incline bench, sitting in the opposite slope.

For a complete review on Weight Loss and Muscle Building, Visit Kyle Leon's official website to view his Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer Program. (

Dumbbell bench press lying - Application of this exercise has certain difficulties associated with the difficulty of operating with dumbbells heavy and very heavy weight. However, with sufficient training and fitness using the help of a partner, you can successfully use it as an exercise for the development of volumes and to improve the shape of the pectoral muscles.

Bench press - Because of its accessibility and visibility of this exercise is very popular. Bench press wide grip really is highly exercised for developing breast array, especially outside, the largest beams large pectoral muscles.

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Development Of The Chest Muscles - Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer Scam

Particular attention and effort requires elaboration upper back. From the position of the load contribution to the overall load pattern back in the first place, even before reaching the average level of fitness, which gives the leading position femoral muscle arrays.
Development of the chest muscles - Chest muscles are divided into two groups - the muscles acting on the joints of the shoulder girdle and own chest muscles.
Information Shared By Kyle Leon the author of Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer (The best Muscle Maximizing Program)

The first, surface overlying the group include: Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer, Somanabolic Review, subclavian muscle and serratus anterior muscle. Consider the position and function of those whose development is most important for the development of muscular bodybuilder.

Pectorals major muscle, massive, fan-shaped, occupies a large part of the anterior chest wall. Accordingly places its beginning it different: clavicle portion stern costal part and abdominal part. Beams parts of the Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer, noticeable pass laterally and attached to the crest of the greater tube roses of the humorous. M. Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer is separated from the well-defined deltoid-pectoral groove.
The main function - raised his hand and leads down to the body, while turning it inside. If the hand is strengthened in the upturned position raises rib and sternum (auxiliary respiratory muscles), promotes the expansion of the chest.

Somanabolic Review
by Kyle Leon, flat, triangular in shape, is located directly behind the Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer muscle. It starts from the III - V ribs near their front ends. Heading upwards and laterally, short tendon attaches to the coracoids process of the scapula.

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March 01, 2014

BASIC RULES For Weight Loss - Fat Loss Factor

How to drink black tea - To reduce the craving for sweets, buy a black tea flavored with fruit or fruit teas, suitable fruit teas are cherry, orange, lemon, peach, or a mixture of berries. Even black tea you can have flavored with vanilla, cinnamon or other special taste. Keep in mind, however, that you should drink them unsweetened. Regular drinking these teas can help reduce your appetite.

According to Charles Livingston, the author of Fat Loss Factor Review, Black tea can give you example after dinner instead of dessert, so you can sustain energy intake and expenditure at a successful level. On the evening rather put black tea without caffeine, so as not to disrupt your night's slept. If you are sensitive to caffeine, talk about drinking black tea with your doctor.

BASIC RULES for Weight Loss - Meals divide into 5-6 portions per day, because the only this way you can help jump start your metabolism. Try to plan your time spacing between meals 2-3 hours to avoid possible fluctuations in blood sugar levels and thus escaping hunger and appetite for sweets.
Through regular diet the body will better manage the received energy and will not take it in the form of fat stored so "for a rainy day" eats reasonably sized portions. When you eat regularly in small doses, you will never have such a great hunger to be forced to eat large portions of food at a time.

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Exfoliation Helps With Cellulite - Truth About Cellulite

In the face should only use specific exfoliating, preferably soft, and always test a small area before proceeding.
The body can be exfoliated to twice a week by applying a cream or gel before showering and then a nutritional balance for restoring the hydro lipid moisturizer. The frequency of exfoliation should be adapted to your skin type and never exceed twice weekly for the body and once to the face.  There are also formulas for the scalp, but since they are intended to specific cases, consult your hair stylist or dermatologist before using.
For a complete review on Cellulite, Visit Joey Atlas's official website to see Truth about Cellulite Review and Its Treatments.
The Benefits
In addition to the more immediate effects (skin smoothness and luminosity) exfoliation brings other advantages. By removing the dead cells, makes more regular and receptive to active ingredients of cosmetic skin, they are present in anti cellulite formulas or a simple moisturizer.
According to Truth About Cellulite Scam by Joey Atlas, this practice can also alleviate fine lines and potential the action of anti-aging creams. It is also estimated that the oily skin exfoliation contributes to a reduction in greasiness. Conversely, in the case of dry or sensitive skin, the risk of skin irritation
To prevent Cellulite Reduce the frequency and use only gentle formulas are some of the precautions have.

How to Exfoliate?
If you use self-tanner make a weekly exfoliation (body and face) and apply the product two days later. The penetration is more effective.
Exfoliate once a week, feet, focusing on the heel area. This act prevents calluses, leaves the skin smooth and beautiful.

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Development Of The Back Muscles - Kyle Leon Scam

It should stay on the dynamics and development of priority parts of the spinal array. In practice long noticed by that work at relatively equivalent to all parts of the back - upper, middle and lower, developing spinal array is not uniform in nature.

Typically, during normal training develops first upper back, namely, its outer, outer portion at its widest point - in the area of the blades. According to Kyle Leon the author of Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer, At this stage of development and is widely enough volume looks only the upper part of the back and only in the positions of the rear. In front positions at the expanded chest and hands can be seen slightly designated only the upper part of the widest - armpits.

See also article on Muscle Building

The middle part of the back often does not look any volume in the front, or even with the rear position. With further development of the back muscles how-to "go" and starts looking forward front - more and more as they evolve. Simultaneously, the volume of the lat increases gradually downwards and that gives the impression of growth widest down and forward.

The middle part of the back usually develops more complex and requires both a large number of movements (due to the large number of running approaches) and very significant operating weights. Especially exactly like dependence triggered relative to the average and the lowest portion of lat.

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Training of Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer

When active, powerful general work on the back, as well as normal, consisting of a large number of movements, training deltoids, Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer muscles produced considerable stress and the development of adequate and without special training. Subject directed training Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer by Kyle Leon (The author) really need a relatively small number of athletes who have a very wide upper body and can be apply only to the period of transition to a high level of fitness.

By the way, the most effective for the development of the Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer can be considered craving jerk or jog with the erosion.

These accessory weightlifting exercises performed for Muscle Building convenience with modules, more effective than the so-called shrugs (shrug) shoulders, though technically difficult. The middle part of the back part of the representative of the average lat in the external and middle zones and very powerful, bulky muscles - extensors back filling the inner zone of the middle part of the back, forming a powerful muscle pillars on either side of the spine.
For a complete review on Weight Loss and Muscle Building, Visit Kyle Leon's official website to view his Muscle Maximizing Program.

For the development of the outer and middle zones of the middle back used primarily thrust dumbbells in the slope and lower thrust block. When applied properly, these exercises realize the enormous potential Muscle strength and endurance strength inherent in this part of the spinal array. The highest level of basic functional qualities are strength and endurance strength inherent in the back, realized in the use of very high operating weights used in the mode of power endurance.

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February 28, 2014

Pulling on the Bar for Upper Back - Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer Scam

However, the entire spinal array can be divided into two functional groups - muscles, leading and lowers his hand, so-called flexor muscles, and the muscles, spine extensors. Consider the basic training exercises and some features of their implementation technology for the development of these working parts and regions of the spinal array, starting with the flexor muscles, i.e. muscles, leading and lowering the arm.

Upper back exercises are mainly developing pulling on the bar - to the chest and head, with its own weight and at more advanced stages of training - with the weights, respectively burdening a belt from the front with pull-ups to chest and belt back when pulling the head, and the upper thrust block, also performed to the chest and head.

The technical requirements of these exercises, we can mention the need for carpal straps that help the athlete perform a limit on the number of pull-ups or upper linkage approach. We note in passing that about any special exercises, developing brush and (or) the forearm in bodybuilding we cannot go; under normal training course.

At all stages of training, and especially at the beginning, to the average fitness, is absolutely necessary to relieve forearm muscles as load test these muscles at normal volume work primarily on the back, as well as the delta and chest, significantly exceed the functionality of muscles forearms. Therefore, the use of special, movable brush fixing straps must, otherwise you risk incompletely (under-load) back muscles.

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Unique Effect of Massiveness Muscularity - Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer Review

When lifting the torso up and reduced blade athlete seek to bend the back, trunk extension is only granted to the horizontal position, in any case not higher. It should be emphasized that should draw the hips, pelvis is suspended; exercise is carried out only with the weights, and these weights can only serve bar. Exercise is good develops the lowest part of the back extensors, of course, when the above conditions. 

So, the whole muscle mass back presents more than two dozen muscles, forming the largest muscle area of the human body, this muscle ensemble produces is good development of the back muscles and the unique effect of massiveness muscularity simultaneously. The main functions of the back muscles include lowering and retraction down arms and straightening the spine. Distinguishing feature of the spinal cord in addition to a large array surface is a significant thickness or depth of the formed multilayer arrangement of muscles.

For a complete review on Muscle Building, Visit Kyle Leon's official website to view his Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer Program

The two main features - motor function and a significant depth of topographic localization of muscle and determine the features of the array back muscle development.

All spinal array for convenience can be divided vertically into three parts - upper, middle and lower distinguishing outer, middle and inner zones of these parts. Thus, we can distinguish between: the upper back - from the base of the neck and around to the bottom of the blades, the middle part - from the lower edges of the blades to the lower edge of the costal arches, the lower edge of costal arches and to the sacrum is the lower back.

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High power characteristics of Lower thrust - Kyle Leon Review

High power characteristics of Lower thrust block exercise is combined with fairly comfortable conditions for implementation, especially in the presence of good in the gym, "soft" end, are not on the floor, and with a special bench-stand.

Technique of the lower thrust block selected adapter and grip are subject primarily to the basic requirement - fully realize high power characteristics of this exercise. You must clearly understand the goals that are in front of you. When it comes to the overall development of the back muscles, in the light of these challenges, all other considerations on the back burner - you should do such a technique that provides the highest power characteristics of this exercise, which is the basis of serious development.

According to Kyle Leon the author of  the, Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer Program, this is only the best of solutions to this, the main problem, as the need arises, and not before, we can make the necessary adjustments in the technique of execution, the width of the grip used by the adapter and so on. In other words, labor, solve the problem of development of a given muscle parties worldwide, as a whole, and only then, if the problems of the development of one or another of the parties to work the muscle actually take place, and not assumed, change vehicles, adjust the manner of execution, but only when sufficient in ordinary classical manner of execution.

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Holding Healthy Foods For Weight Loss

It is ideal for holding food healthy weight loss already mentioned cucumbers and pears, which help to keep your calorie intake low. Calories - Fruits and vegetables are the perfect option for those who want to lose weight healthily.

These foods contain less than 100 calories per serving and salubrious also contain fiber, which helps maintain bowel peristalsis and feel full longer. Cucumbers and pears except low in calories simply prepared and not expensive, half a cup of chopped cucumber contains only 8 calories and one medium sized pear has only 103 calories. Both foods are very refreshing, are perfect for a healthy snack and are versatile for use in many recipes. Cut the cucumber or a pear and just their or do you fancy a refreshing mix?
See also Fat Loss Factor Review by Charles Livingston

They can be mixed with many other foods, so you get a number of ways you can eat them. Avoid the fact that your diet during weight loss becomes dull and not end up with weight loss before you have reached your desired results. Try to add cucumber sandwiches or salads, or on them Dine in the Annex to the main dish seasoned with a little soy sauce and sesame seeds. Chopped cucumbers are almost asking for tuna or chicken salad.
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Contraindications And The Effects Of Growth Hormone - Darwin Smith Scam

Side effects of growth hormone

Possible side effects of growth hormone: carpal tunnel, body swelling, joint pain, muscle pain, tingling and increased resistance to glucose in patients with type 2 diabetes syndrome.

When used in accordance with the medical indications may be no side effect.

Contraindications of growth hormone

Are contraindications of growth hormone: C risk pregnancy, cancer or benign intracranial tumor. Assess the risk benefit in the case of diabetes, diabetic retinopathy, untreated hypothyroidism, psoriasis.

For more about Muscles Health, visit Darwin Smith's official website (The author of Grow Taller 4 Idiots Program)

Useful link:

But experts warn not to consume them excessively due to side effects of melatonin .

And they warn that cookies should only be consumed at night, cannot be consumed by pregnant women, due to lack of scientific study for them, not for children.

By eating the cookie sleep, the individual will be sleepy, more relaxed and certainly sleep better. This may be the solution for some individuals suffering from insomnia. If growth hormone deficiency, hormone therapy is not possible to change the genetic potential.

Are there any side effects of growth hormone?

Today is obtained and used in the way of fully synthetic growth hormone secreted hormones in our body has the same structure.

Obtaining any animal is excluded. Therefore, important side effects are expected.


For more about Health:

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February 27, 2014

Pumpkin Healthiest Foods - Darwin Smith Scam

Pumpkin is the ideal food for your health because it is rich in nutrients and also has very few calories. We bring you excerpts from the book "The World's Healthiest Foods” where you'll find all the noise!
Basic Features:
Availability: All year
Keeping them in the fridge: no
Shelf life: 3-4 weeks
Preparation: Peel and cut into cubes
For more about Muscles Fitness, visit Darwin Smith's official website (The author of Grow Taller 4 Idiots Program)
The best way to prepare: healthy steamed in just 7 minutes
Today's squash developed from the wild roar that grew in the area between Guatemala and Mexico. Indians have treated her with such respect that they buried their dead in order to be food on their last journey. Initially grown for seed because the fruit had little meat and was very bitter, unlike pumpkin on what we are accustomed to today, with an abundance of fresh meat fine texture.
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Why pumpkins must be an integral part of the healthiest diet; how science roaring reveals a growing number of carotenoids phytonutrients, my respect for the vegetables to grow. Carotenoids are responsible for the orange color, but also for the many medicinal values pumpkin. Among them are alpha-carotene and beta-carotene, known as provitamin. A compounds because they can be converted to an active form of vitamin A

They are also a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agents. Pumpkin is perfect for the "healthiest diet" not only because it is rich in nutrients, but also because it is low in calories. One cup of prepared pumpkin contains only 80 calories.

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February 26, 2014

Cellulite On The Legs - Truth About Cellulite

Has no problem showing her legs Choose the right model in shorts and bump!
Information Shared By Joey Atlas the author of Truth About Cellulite Program ( The best and painless cellulite treatment Program )

They walked for a long time but forgotten in recent years, have come to stay.
They are versatile, but very demanding. What will display with your pants, it's not just clothing, so if you feel attracted by an irresistible model, not surrender immediately.
They are, however, difficult pieces. So activate your critical vision to the fullest.

Analyze the pros and cons, and if you do not get well, leave them in the store.
To facilitate the task, follow the advice that the image consultant Helen Carmona, inspired by the models we have selected, and introduces you to view and your legs.
SHORTS Very short models
Are well ... very young and stylish women "Not only are the legs that must be done well The thighs and buttocks too. '
Beware ... Who has cellulite or sagging buttocks.

Models through the leg
Are a well ... very tall and elegant women. Caution ... If they are wide 'cut the height of the leg and make the shorter person', warns. Models with short belt and waistband
Are well ... young and stylish women

For a complete review on Cellulite, Visit Joey Atlas's official website to see Cellulite Review and Its Treatments.

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Remove Cellulite And Have A Smooth Firm Skin - Truth About Cellulite


They are difficult to remove but can almost always be avoided.

Find out how - Truth About Cellulite Program
Have a smooth, firm skin is a common desire any woman. So, no wonder that stretch marks are, along with cellulite, one of the worst enemies of women.
Cellulite are no more than skin scarring caused by a change that occurs at the level of collagen and elastic fibers.
Although visible in the epidermis, the topmost layer of skin, are derived in the dermis layer of the skin through, occurs when the distension of tissue. Appear without warning and install to stay.
However, with the help of creams or cosmetic treatments may be reduced or, in special cases, eliminated.
No one is safe

According to Joey Atlas the author of Truth About Cellulite Program ( The best and painless cellulite treatment Program ), Cellulite can appear at various stages of life, but it is clear that adolescence and pregnancy periods are very amenable to your appearance. "
In the first case, because it gives a rapid growth in the second due not only to increased weight, but also to hormonal changes that make the tissues that support the skin less compact.
The rise and sudden weight loss or taking steroids (which also give rise to a rapid change in volume) are also causes of this unsightly ‘risk’ skin. Buttocks, abdomen, lower back and breasts are the hardest hit areas by stretch marks, but these may arise throughout the body.
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Prevent And Correct In Statesman Of Cellulite - Truth About Cellulite

The harmony of the environment, the scent of essential oils, the special attention of the staff, offers hospitality from the first moment
The feeling of entering a dream where you let the stress of everyday life behind the back and frantic life
Abandon ourselves to the magic of welfare that invites the body but also the mind and spirit.

A day in the Palazzo
The day at the Palazzo Ben Isere begins with a medical visit and a biological check-up.
This medical examination performed at the Palazzo is very different compared to the traditional.
Information Shared By Joey Atlas the author of Truth About Cellulite Program ( The best and painless cellulite treatment Program )

Here we make a "preventive visit", consisting of individualized - to rebalance the fatigue of the organs.
The key instrument for assessing the status of the individual is the biological check-up performed by employing a device that examines patient "head to toe", noting all the energy parameters of the various organs.

By measuring one area will reveal the energy state and functioning of the body, showing the organs that are sicker, with the aim of re balancing act and with the intent to prevent a body in a state of fatigue pass a medical condition.

A journey of personal healing
Based on the check-up, is prescribed a customized program to detoxify the body and fight stress and find new energy reducing excess weight, prevent and correct in statesman of cellulite, and traces the time left on the face and body.

For more guidance:

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Vitamin Intake Reduces The Risk Of Premature Birth - Darwin Smith

Modern study showed that women who take vitamins on a regular basis all the time, not less vulnerable to the risk of premature birth or have children underweight.

This study examined the use of various vitamins in the period of pregnancy, four weeks before the last menstrual period, and eight weeks later, during which time have not been extensively studied before, and among women who ate a range of vitamins for a period of 8 weeks at least there was a 4.3% case premature birth, i.e. before 37 weeks, while women who did not take supplements of these vitamins has increased the ratio of up to 5.3%, as was proven that taking vitamins in that period reduces to have children underweight, and remained such proportions as it is, even after taking other factors into consideration, such as diet followed and smoking, but when the ladies in the weights of natural causes are not clear, but it may be related to the problems of the absorption of nutrients, as suggested by the researcher.
See also: Complete Review on Muscles Fitness, visit Darwin Smith's official website (The author of Grow Taller 4 Idiots Program)

However, the researcher did not recommend that women start taking their vitamins when trying to conceive, first, because women who are taking such vitamins in good health, and this is difficult to neutralize this factor in the study, and secondly: there is a paucity in the studies conducted to test the effect of consuming these vitamins on health Children. This study is working to strengthen this link, but it did not prove that eating a multivitamin is a good idea for women who are planning pregnancy or already pregnant women.
Health experts have advised American mothers not to eat vitamins on a regular basis for the possibility of causing an adverse effect on fetuses, but they recommend mothers to eat food rich in folic acid, which works to reduce the risk of injury to the fetus defects.
There is a belief that poor nutrition plays a role of the lady in the incidence of pregnancy complications such as premature birth and poor growth of the fetus in the womb.

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February 25, 2014

Jogging Fast Is A Great Tool For Weight Loss

In a study of 16 volunteers, eight of them by applying a program of intermittent ran for two weeks while the other eight did not exercise any exercises remember during the same period. The training program included riding a stationary bike on the four or seven short periods, each period of about 30 seconds followed by a recovery period for four minutes at a rate of three times a week for two weeks.
The researchers found that endurance in the group that exercised jogging increased from 26 to 51 minutes, while there was no significant change for people who prefer stability and comfort. In addition to increasing the proportion of the enzyme to Albany Street in the muscles and increase of this enzyme indicates the tissue's ability to utilize oxygen.

How many times I have to jogging during the week?
Fitness experts Charles Livingston advise exercise jogging twice a week, such as Monday and Thursday, and so there will be a period of convalescence interface allows the muscles to grow and recover. And always remember that jogging not only have the effect, but its usefulness extends even after the completion of which is in the process of metabolic activation.


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Simple Rules For Weight Loss - Fat Loss Factor

There is no doubt that a lot of the ladies should wish that their bodies would automatically get rid of fat instead of stored so as not to be denied themselves from eating favorite foods have.

There are in fact many reasons that prevent this security check and the main reason for this is the diet. When one examines the starches and refined sugar, these substances enter the bloodstream and cause a rapid rise in blood sugar in it, and the body then secretes the hormone insulin, which causes the cells to absorb sugar located bloodstream. But with the passage of time increases the level of insulin and muscle cells lose their sensitivity to the hormone, leading to the risk of developing diabetes type II and heart disease.

As for the fat cells, this is another story different. These cells are always sensitive, and cause high insulin, according to Charles Livingston, the fat inside so you cannot use them as an energy source.

How can we break this cycle until the body returns to work optimally again? Fortunately will not need to follow a strict diet, the first step is to reduce blood sugar levels that cause the production of large amounts of insulin.
Information Shared By Charles Livingston the author of Fat Loss Factor  Program.

Among the nutrients that help in high blood sugar, starches and especially anything made of potatoes or rice or flour or corn (such as pasta, lasagna, donuts, white bread and cakes), you can refrain from eating these foods completely. But is it not better to look through to resolve this problem without giving up entirely on these carbohydrates.
Fortunately there are many ways. You can stop the high level of sugar in the blood by taking advantage of natural substances that slow down the digestion of carbohydrates and the entry of sugar into the bloodstream. It does not matter what kind of sugar retarders are using, but what matters to us in the first place you you'll be able to maintain your health and your appearance at the end.
Eat a light meal before the date of fatty meals to 10 to 30 minutes.
Reason: will make you feel full for a long time
At the end of a vicious stomach muscle called the sphincter. This muscle and regulate the speed of transmission of food from the stomach into the small intestine. This led is responsible for the transmission speed food to the intestine.
(Join our page on:
Do not eat sweets on an empty stomach

The reason: the absence of contraindications flow of sugar into the bloodstream, because if you eat sweets on an empty stomach and there will not be any material slow down the entry of sugar into the blood stream directly - not fat or fiber biodegradable nor protein nor vinegar etc.

If, however, committed to eating sweets at the end of the food you'll be so has provided the necessary protection that will prevent the flow of these sugars directly into the blood. As well as completely refrain from eating sweets between meals must be addressed immediately after the meal and in very small quantities.

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What Treatments Do To Fight Cellulite And Sagging

I facials at least once every three months
And sometimes intersperse with some sessions of micro derision, a mild exfoliation with crystals
I believe that by maintaining such care; will prolong youthfulness of my skin for a few more years before considering a switch to another type of treatment.

What treatments do to fight cellulite and sagging?
For some time I have maintained this area. The level of the body, I am adept at treatments like LPG and Exiles.
My Moment trust in the clinic since 2006, working out my treatment plans
Not always have time to go with the regularity that I liked, but there are times when I try to have that discipline and perform treatments at least once a week.
From your experience, which is essential for treatments in institute work?
First, the choice of the clinic is essential. I opted for My Moment where I perform the treatments mentioned and there are others in which the level of aesthetic medicine and plastic surgery, if you need a day later.
Besides the choice of venue and the team who accompanies me, half the success of these treatments depends on us, our habits in everyday life and the regularity with which we do them.

What is your advice to anyone who is thinking resorting to treatments in the institute? Seeking a clinical, medical preference because this factor offers more guarantees that knows advice the most appropriate to each case, depending on age treatments.

For More Information About Health:

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February 24, 2014

health, health and fitness products, grow taller 4 idiots review,increase height, increase height naturally

Boston University scientists have found that a diet rich in the "choline" which is one of the vitamins of group "B" helps to slow down the aging process of the human brain, and helps improve memory.
Scientists have noted that this vitamin is present in chicken meat, eggs, fish and sea beans, and concluded that those who ate large amounts of choline showed the best results in the memory test and were less vulnerable to changes in the brain associated with the aging process.

The researchers said that diet has an effect on the human body, including the brain, and that proper nutrition and varied very important for middle-aged in particular.
Darwin Smith the author of Grow Taller 4 Idiots Program advised men to take 550 mg of choline per day, and this dose of 425 mg for women.

A quarter of a chicken, or severed flesh 75 gm or 150 gm thickness, or a can of tuna without oil, or eggs, or dish beans with lemon, cumin and one teaspoon of olive oil, or 100 gm cottage cheese thyme and cumin and cut green pepper, with half a loaf of brown, two slices of toast or brown, or 6 tablespoons rice or pasta.

With a large dish vegetables (can be made up of one or more of the following categories: green beans, broccoli, zucchini, peas, carrots, green pepper, pepper, yellow, red pepper, onion, celery, "salary", green beans, cauliflower, cabbage , artichokes, mushrooms), with a large green salad dish.
After lunch two hours or two hours before dinner:
Fruit of any kind

Disc, or hard-boiled egg, or a small piece of white cheese, or 5 tablespoons Fava Beans without oil, with a quarter of a loaf of brown, with a cup yogurt cup skim or skim milk.
Before bedtime drink a large glass of warm water.

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