March 01, 2014

Exfoliation Helps With Cellulite - Truth About Cellulite

In the face should only use specific exfoliating, preferably soft, and always test a small area before proceeding.
The body can be exfoliated to twice a week by applying a cream or gel before showering and then a nutritional balance for restoring the hydro lipid moisturizer. The frequency of exfoliation should be adapted to your skin type and never exceed twice weekly for the body and once to the face.  There are also formulas for the scalp, but since they are intended to specific cases, consult your hair stylist or dermatologist before using.
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The Benefits
In addition to the more immediate effects (skin smoothness and luminosity) exfoliation brings other advantages. By removing the dead cells, makes more regular and receptive to active ingredients of cosmetic skin, they are present in anti cellulite formulas or a simple moisturizer.
According to Truth About Cellulite Scam by Joey Atlas, this practice can also alleviate fine lines and potential the action of anti-aging creams. It is also estimated that the oily skin exfoliation contributes to a reduction in greasiness. Conversely, in the case of dry or sensitive skin, the risk of skin irritation
To prevent Cellulite Reduce the frequency and use only gentle formulas are some of the precautions have.

How to Exfoliate?
If you use self-tanner make a weekly exfoliation (body and face) and apply the product two days later. The penetration is more effective.
Exfoliate once a week, feet, focusing on the heel area. This act prevents calluses, leaves the skin smooth and beautiful.

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