February 25, 2014

Jogging Fast Is A Great Tool For Weight Loss

In a study of 16 volunteers, eight of them by applying a program of intermittent ran for two weeks while the other eight did not exercise any exercises remember during the same period. The training program included riding a stationary bike on the four or seven short periods, each period of about 30 seconds followed by a recovery period for four minutes at a rate of three times a week for two weeks.
The researchers found that endurance in the group that exercised jogging increased from 26 to 51 minutes, while there was no significant change for people who prefer stability and comfort. In addition to increasing the proportion of the enzyme to Albany Street in the muscles and increase of this enzyme indicates the tissue's ability to utilize oxygen.

How many times I have to jogging during the week?
Fitness experts Charles Livingston advise exercise jogging twice a week, such as Monday and Thursday, and so there will be a period of convalescence interface allows the muscles to grow and recover. And always remember that jogging not only have the effect, but its usefulness extends even after the completion of which is in the process of metabolic activation.

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