February 25, 2014

Simple Rules For Weight Loss - Fat Loss Factor

There is no doubt that a lot of the ladies should wish that their bodies would automatically get rid of fat instead of stored so as not to be denied themselves from eating favorite foods have.

There are in fact many reasons that prevent this security check and the main reason for this is the diet. When one examines the starches and refined sugar, these substances enter the bloodstream and cause a rapid rise in blood sugar in it, and the body then secretes the hormone insulin, which causes the cells to absorb sugar located bloodstream. But with the passage of time increases the level of insulin and muscle cells lose their sensitivity to the hormone, leading to the risk of developing diabetes type II and heart disease.

As for the fat cells, this is another story different. These cells are always sensitive, and cause high insulin, according to Charles Livingston, the fat inside so you cannot use them as an energy source.

How can we break this cycle until the body returns to work optimally again? Fortunately will not need to follow a strict diet, the first step is to reduce blood sugar levels that cause the production of large amounts of insulin.
Information Shared By Charles Livingston the author of Fat Loss Factor  Program.

Among the nutrients that help in high blood sugar, starches and especially anything made of potatoes or rice or flour or corn (such as pasta, lasagna, donuts, white bread and cakes), you can refrain from eating these foods completely. But is it not better to look through to resolve this problem without giving up entirely on these carbohydrates.
Fortunately there are many ways. You can stop the high level of sugar in the blood by taking advantage of natural substances that slow down the digestion of carbohydrates and the entry of sugar into the bloodstream. It does not matter what kind of sugar retarders are using, but what matters to us in the first place you you'll be able to maintain your health and your appearance at the end.
Eat a light meal before the date of fatty meals to 10 to 30 minutes.
Reason: will make you feel full for a long time
At the end of a vicious stomach muscle called the sphincter. This muscle and regulate the speed of transmission of food from the stomach into the small intestine. This led is responsible for the transmission speed food to the intestine.
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Do not eat sweets on an empty stomach

The reason: the absence of contraindications flow of sugar into the bloodstream, because if you eat sweets on an empty stomach and there will not be any material slow down the entry of sugar into the blood stream directly - not fat or fiber biodegradable nor protein nor vinegar etc.

If, however, committed to eating sweets at the end of the food you'll be so has provided the necessary protection that will prevent the flow of these sugars directly into the blood. As well as completely refrain from eating sweets between meals must be addressed immediately after the meal and in very small quantities.

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