February 26, 2014

Vitamin Intake Reduces The Risk Of Premature Birth - Darwin Smith

Modern study showed that women who take vitamins on a regular basis all the time, not less vulnerable to the risk of premature birth or have children underweight.

This study examined the use of various vitamins in the period of pregnancy, four weeks before the last menstrual period, and eight weeks later, during which time have not been extensively studied before, and among women who ate a range of vitamins for a period of 8 weeks at least there was a 4.3% case premature birth, i.e. before 37 weeks, while women who did not take supplements of these vitamins has increased the ratio of up to 5.3%, as was proven that taking vitamins in that period reduces to have children underweight, and remained such proportions as it is, even after taking other factors into consideration, such as diet followed and smoking, but when the ladies in the weights of natural causes are not clear, but it may be related to the problems of the absorption of nutrients, as suggested by the researcher.
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However, the researcher did not recommend that women start taking their vitamins when trying to conceive, first, because women who are taking such vitamins in good health, and this is difficult to neutralize this factor in the study, and secondly: there is a paucity in the studies conducted to test the effect of consuming these vitamins on health Children. This study is working to strengthen this link, but it did not prove that eating a multivitamin is a good idea for women who are planning pregnancy or already pregnant women.
Health experts have advised American mothers not to eat vitamins on a regular basis for the possibility of causing an adverse effect on fetuses, but they recommend mothers to eat food rich in folic acid, which works to reduce the risk of injury to the fetus defects.
There is a belief that poor nutrition plays a role of the lady in the incidence of pregnancy complications such as premature birth and poor growth of the fetus in the womb.

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